About us

Effectiveness, transparency and benefits for business and society. These are the three main principles we follow in our work.

Our main priority is to create the necessary conditions for stable economic growth in the Republic of Bulgaria and to carry out the country's economic and energy policy in a lawful and advisable way. We set goals that lead to a more competitive economy with a high value added and a better quality of life for the Bulgarian people.

The foundations of the country's economic development are sustainable production, increased productivity and competitiveness, that is based on advanced technologies, innovation and modern industrial policies. We develop both traditional sectors and sectors with potential for future global growth in order to create sustainable industrial clusters. We create a less bureaucratic, investment-friendly environment, with simple and transparent procedures for business and effective management in the benefit of entrepreneurs.

An Effective foreign economic cooperation is another essential part of the Ministry's policies aiming to support sustainable economic growth.

The core of our energy policy is the development of a competitive internal and an integrated external market, the construction of a reliable infrastructure, security and diversification of sources and supply routes of the energy resources and an overall improvement of the energy efficiency. We stimulate the use of energy from renewable sources and the development of new clean technologies. We also develop nuclear energy in the country, in strict correspondence with the international safety standards and with proven economic efficiency.