Vladimir Malinov: Bulgaria stands ready to help Ukraine rebuild its electricity system

Vladimir Malinov: Bulgaria stands ready to help Ukraine rebuild its electricity system download this image

Bulgaria and the Ministry of Energy in particular, are ready to assist Ukraine in rebuilding its electricity system that has suffered from the war in the country. That is what Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov said in a videoconference with his Ukrainian counterpart, German Galushchenko. In Malinov's words, swift, timely and targeted efforts in this process are of particular importance in order to successfully prepare the Ukrainian side for the next winter season. Through the Embassy of Ukraine in Bulgaria, we have already received a list of necessary equipment that will soon be prioritized; it became clear during the conversation. This is important in order to achieve the most effective assistance to the Ukrainian side.

Speeding up the process of supplying the Belene NPP equipment to Ukraine was another topic discussed by ministers Malinov and Galuschenko. We fully understand the importance of this process and will make every effort to speed it up as much as possible, Malinov said.

The two ministers also considered the prospects following the suspension of Russian natural gas transit through Ukraine as of the beginning of next year. Minister Malinov informed his counterpart on the possibility for Bulgargaz to deliver liquefied natural gas through Greek and Turkish terminals and proposed to Minister Galushchenko to establish a joint working group to co-ordinate the process. According to Minister Malinov, there is real solidarity in the EU that both natural gas transport and storage assets must be preserved in good condition. This is key to the security of the energy system, Minister Malinov underlined.

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