The new Energy Minister Nikolay Pavlov accepted the office from Temenuzhka Petkova

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"I realize the responsibility of taking up the post of Minister of Energy and the main purpose of my work will be to maintain the stability of the country and the proper functioning of the sector", with these words Energy Minister Nikolay Pavlov took over from his predecessor Temenuzhka Petkova. In his first statement to the media as Minister, Mr. Pavlov outlined the preservation and improvement of the financial stability of state-owned energy companies, continuing the process of the liberalization of the electricity market and the projects for the diversification of sources and routes of energy resources as the main priorities in his work.

Minister Pavlov received from Temenuzhka Petkova the World Bank Report on the liberalization of the electricity market and committed to hold public consultation on its content. "My previous experience has shown me that an active dialogue with consumers makes us better, to the benefit of all", he said.

Temenuzhka Petkova expressed her satisfaction with the fact that a person of the team so far will take over as Minister of Energy. "For me this nomination is an assessment by the President for the work of the Ministry of Energy over the last two years", she said. She said the continuity in the sector is a guarantee for a secure and calm operation of the energy system.

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