Rossen Hristov: Maximum flexible conditions for the hydrogen market are required

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Bulgaria has the potential to be a leader in green hydrogen production in the region

“The hydrogen market is young, so we must provide the most flexible conditions for its development, taking into account the specificities and potential of each Member State. We will only stimulate a rapid development of production, consumption and trade, Energy Minister Rossen Hristov said today at a meeting of the EU energy ministers in Luxembourg. In his words a comfortable transition period should be provided and existing resources and infrastructure should be used to reduce initial investments. “Once we see how the market is actually evolving, we will be able to talk about more specific regulations to allow us to realize the full potential,” Hristov stressed.

In this regard, Bulgaria joined the prepared Non-paper from Slovakia for the presence of a common gas and water network operator, as well as France's opinion on equal treatment of all low carbon fuels. The various tariffs for renewable and low carbon gases have also been supported to highlight the pursuit of renewable energy.

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