Minister Malinov and Japan's Ambassador discussed bilateral energy cooperation

Minister Malinov and Japan's Ambassador discussed bilateral energy cooperation download this image

Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov and Japan's Ambassador to Bulgaria H.E. Michigami Hisashi discussed deepening bilateral cooperation in the field of energy. They agreed that there is a wide range of possibilities for the countries to expand collaboration between Bulgarian and Japanese companies in implementing the energy transition.

“In the area of nuclear energy, our country is exploring experience in building and operating small modular reactors. In this context, we would gladly become familiar with the technology of Japanese companies working in the field,“ Minister Malinov said. He also highlighted to the Japanese Ambassador the role of energy storage batteries as a key tool in implementing the energy transition. “We would like the Bulgarian market to have the best technologies for both energy storage batteries and carbon capture,” the Energy Minister stressed. Another topic outlined as an opportunity for potential cooperation was the cybersecurity of strategic energy sites in Bulgaria.

The main topic of the conversation was the restoration of the largest pumped storage hydro power plant in Southeast Europe, Chaira PSHPP. “Resuming the operation of Chaira is a top priority for our country. The plant is of strategic importance to Bulgaria and the region. It is directly related to our national security, will enable energy storage, and provide stability and predictability of the electricity price,” Minister Malinov stressed. He insisted that all necessary measures would be taken by the Bulgarian side within the shortest timeline to carry out the necessary repairs to the plant's equipment.

We recall that under the public procurement launched by “NEK” EAD for the refurbishment of the fourth hydro-unit of the Chaira PSHPP neither interest was declared, nor were offers submitted. A new public procurement is about to be announced.

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