Energy Efficiency

The term "Energy Efficiency" means the ratio between the output quantity of performance, service, goods or energy and the input quantity of energy.

The need to improve Energy Efficiency in Bulgaria is one of the main priorities of the Bulgarian government.

Bulgaria has a significant potential for implementation of Energy Efficiency measures. Improving Energy Efficiency will contribute to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and help prevent climate change.

One of the measures that Bulgarian government has taken to improve Energy Efficiency is the Energy Efficiency Act. The Act implements the requirements of Directive 2006/32/EC and shall regulate the public relations with regard to the implementation of the governmental policy for improving Energy Efficiency for final energy consumption and providing energy services.

The purpose of the Act is to provide a clearer definition of Energy Efficiency as a national priority, more clearly define the commitments and state support for its development, to establish institutional, legislative and financial conditions for the realization of national policy as a prerequisite for successful integration with the European Union.

Based on Directive 2006/32/EC and the Energy Efficiency Act are developed National Action Plans on Energy Efficiency. In this Plans Bulgaria adopted a national indicative targets for energy savings by 2016 in an amount not less than 9% of final energy consumption for 9 years (average 1% per year).

With the Energy Efficiency Act is set up the Energy Efficiency Fund. After adopting the new Energy from Renewable Sources Act it was renamed the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources Fund. The main objective of the Fund is managing the funds available for investment projects for Energy Efficiency, according to the priorities set out in the annual Energy Efficiency Programs adopted by the Council of Ministers.


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