Temenuzhka Petkova: By the end of the year the IBEX will offer "Intra-day" platform

Temenuzhka Petkova: By the end of the year the IBEX will offer download this image

"The move towards full liberalization is crucial for the energy sector in Bulgaria. We started this process during our previous parliamentary mandate and now we will continue it with all stakeholders as one of our governance priorities in the energy sector". Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova said during the forum "Electricity Market Liberalization-Bulgaria in regional and EU context" organized by the National Energy Chamber, with the support of the Energy Management Institute.

"The process will take place in such a way as to ensure fully transparent market conditions for the work in the sector. At the same time, it is important for us to guarantee favourable environment for investors in the sector", Petkova added. "We will elaborate a Road map of the next steps to full liberalization of the energy sector in Bulgaria. Together with stakeholders we will develop changes to the Energy Act in order to transpose the World Bank model into the Bulgarian legislation", she also said.

Minister Petkova recalled that financial stabilization of the sector has been achieved during the last mandate. "Security of the Electricity System Fund" was created and it will play an important role in the liberalization process. In addition to the legislative changes, the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange was introduced. It is currently working with OTC and day-ahead platforms. Minister Temenuzhka Petkova announced that "Intra-day" platform will be introduced by the end of this year. She reassured that the government will work hand in hand with all electricity producers, consumer organizations, distribution companies and other stakeholders in order to achieve full liberalization of the electricity market in the best way.


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