Minister Malinov: Loading of first Westinghouse fresh nuclear fuel cartridges begins in May

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Nuclear fuel supplies from the United States result from the strategic energy partnership between the parties

“With today's supply of the first quantities of fresh nuclear fuel from the United States of America here at the site of the Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant in Kozloduy, we are witnessing action to make diversification a reality. Thanks to the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the United States, we are meeting the common goal of a safer, cleaner and more sustainable future. The use of the new type of nuclear fuel will also help achieve pan-European decarbonisation objectives." That is what Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov said during a visit together with Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev to Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant.

“After the Nuclear Regulatory Agency has already issued a license for the deployment and storage of the nuclear fuel from Westinghouse, a permit for its operation is expected to be issued on Monday,” Malinov announced. " We plan to gradually load the first 43 cartridges of fresh nuclear fuel produced by Westinghouse in Unit 5 of Kozloduy NPP in May.

 “Full independence from one source has been achieved and a credible alternative in the supply of fresh nuclear fuel has been established, since we have concluded agreements with Westinghouse for Unit 5 and with Framatome for Unit 6 of the NPP,” Mallinov added. In his words, Bulgarian nuclear energy plays a strategic role in ensuring national, regional and European energy security and in providing affordable energy to consumers.

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