Deputy Minister Samandov presented our nuclear energy priorities at a U.S.-Bulgarian workshop

Deputy Minister Samandov presented our nuclear energy priorities at a U.S.-Bulgarian workshop download this image

“It is an honour for the Ministry of Energy to be involved in the work of this high-tech workshop bringing together leading scientists and experts in the field of nuclear energy. The development and integration of small modular reactors is key to achieving green transition and ensuring the physical and financial security of the electricity system.” In those words, Deputy Energy Minister Georgi Samandov welcomed the participants in the U.S.-Bulgarian workshop “Foundational infrastructure for the responsible use of small modular reactor technology” (program FIRST), which took place in Sofia. At the Forum opening, Deputy Minister Samandov presented the importance and main guidelines of the development of the Bulgarian nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is an essential factor in shaping the national energy mix and plays an important role in decarbonizing the sector in the context of the EU Green Deal, the RepowerEU Plan and the policy of producing reliable energy at affordable and predictable prices for consumers. Nuclear power accounts for about 40 per cent of the country's gross electricity generation, Georgi Samandov highlighted. Among the top priorities of the Bulgarian nuclear program, he outlined the upcoming construction of units 7 and 8 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant with AP- 1000 technology, the maximum lifetime extension of the NPP’s units 5 and 6, the ongoing construction of a national radioactive waste repository, which will soon be completed, etc. Samandov recalled that a 10-year contract was concluded in December 2022 with Westinghouse for the supply of fresh nuclear fuel to Unit 5 of the Nuclear Power Plant and the first delivery already took place in April of this year. In March 2022, Kozloduy NPP concluded another agreement with Framatome for the delivery of fresh nuclear fuel to Unit 6.

Within the workshop, various technological options for the future development of nuclear energy were discussed. Small modular reactors were defined as a cutting–edge technology that could complement that of the existing large reactors. The possibilities for implementing SMR in Bulgaria are currently analyzed in order to ensure greater flexibility and security of the energy system. Bulgarian companies have already shown interest in such facilities and in partnership with renowned foreign producers, became clear during the seminar.

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