Deputy Minister Iva Petrova: “The development of energy communities will lead to an increase in consumption of self-produced renewable energy”

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Iva Petrova participated in a roundtable on public-private partnerships in Bulgaria, part of the events of the Delphi Economic Forum

Involving energy consumers as active energy producers will help to achieve a just energy transition, Deputy Energy Minister Iva Petrova said at a roundtable entitled “Public-Private Partnerships in Bulgaria”, part of the Delphi Economic Forum, held in Sofia.

The Bulgarian Deputy Minister gave a speech in the panel “Energy Communities Concept - the Greek legal framework as good practice for Bulgaria”. Iva Petrova underlined that the development of Energy Communities would lead to a significant increase in consumption of self-produced renewable energy. Of importance is to create the appropriate conditions for end-users, in particular households, to participate in renewable energy communities and be able to produce, consume, store or sell renewable energy. In her view, this would stimulate decentralized renewable energy production.

The development of the electricity sector by maximizing the integration of self-produced renewable energy into the electricity market, as well as the accessibility of decentralized energy sources to consumers were also highlighted.

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