Businesses and politicians support the liberalization of the electricity market

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Business and policy representatives have expressed support for the energy reform in the country at the Powers Summit 2023 event. They welcomed the changes related to the liberalization of the electricity market and defined three main priorities:

To refine and implement the market model in the first quarter of 2024; to develop a roadmap for full liberalization of the electricity market, including clear consumer protection mechanisms; to implement European regulations in their entirety.

Energy Minister Rumen Radev commented that the discussed at the panel is in line with the work being done at the Ministry, and added that full electricity market liberalization must also include clear consumer protection mechanisms. According to the Energy Minister, Bulgaria should not be only a passive player when it comes to European regulations.

“We should be involved proactively in every priority, whether as business organizations, or industry organizations, and of course we, as state institutions. This is the way to guarantee our national interest“, Minister Radev said.

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